About Shari Mezrah

Shari Mezrah, "The Sleep Mom," is a family sleep and schedule specialist and mother of two who developed the innovative The Baby Sleeps Tonight program in 1999, and published her first book, The Baby Sleeps Tonight: Your Infant Sleeping Through the Night by 9 Weeks (Yes, Really!) in April 2010 (Sourcebooks). Through her Tampa, Florida-based consulting practice, BabyTIME, Shari has helped hundreds of families worldwide turn chaos into calm and regain control over their lives by getting babies, toddlers, and adults on schedules and sleeping through the night. In addition to schedules for feedings, naps and wake times, she provides successful techniques for soothing and stimulating, making transitions and mapping out plans for caregivers, among many other challenges new parents face.

In November 2011, Shari developed an APP for iTunes entitled "My Sleep Tunes" and is currently gaining popularity across the globe helping to put babies and adults to sleep. With extensive research, she determined that certain sounds and unique melodies would help assist babies (and adults) in getting to sleep and staying asleep. She created signature "Sleep Beats" that are exclusive to the APP.

In June 2012, the French edition of "The Baby Sleeps Tonight" was launched for publication entitled, "Mon bebe fait ses nuits en 9 semaines!" - Auteur Shari Mezrah (Editions).

She has appeared as a nationally recognized expert on the syndicated talk show "Daytime," in addition to being featured on ABC, FOX, NBC and CBS. Shari is much sought after as a guest speaker for hospitals, pediatricians, child psychologists, ob/gyns and parenting organizations.

Contact Information

Shari Mezrah
Family Sleep and Schedule Specialist
5350 West Kennedy Boulevard
Tampa, Florida 33609

(813) 760-1111


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