I have clients who meet with me for one session and that is all that is necessary. By the end of our time together, I will make a recommendation as to whether we should schedule additional session time(s).

My services include the following:

Initial Consultation – This one hour session is used to better understand the family’s needs and more importantly, that of their child(s). The Baby Sleeps Tonight plan will be discussed in detail and an action plan will be outlined.

On-going Consultation1 – This is done on a per session or weekly basis and is often based on the needs of the parents and the level of guidance desired to achieve the goal of getting their child (and the parents) to sleep through the night.

Feeding Schedule Consultation – When your child is approximately 6 months old, this session outlines a feeding plan and transition to solids.

New Parent Consultation - This special session is designed for the expectant parent. The Baby Sleeps Tonight plan will be discussed in detail and how to implement the plan. Additional information will be provided about your upcoming new arrival.

    Session topics can include:

  • Coordination of breastfeeding with child's scheduled plan.
  • Life transitions.
  • Successfully transitioning a child to a different environment (crib to bed, family bed to own room, breastfeeding to bottle feeding, moving to a new home).
  • Creating reward systems.
  • Setting safe boundaries.
  • Creating a positive environment for your child.
  • Providing techniques and tools for soothing and / or stimulating your child.
  • Mapping out a plan for your caregiver (i.e. nanny), and knowing what to ask in an interview when selecting a candidate.

1Ongoing sessions are on an as needed basis to either review and refresh themselves on the plan, trouble-shooting, or boundary setting.

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