Shari Mezrah helped our family survive the chaos of many
sleepless nights with newborn twins. Enjoy the guaranteed
benefits of taking control and living and feeling a balanced
life with her plan.

Angela Glazer, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist
Joel Glazer Owner, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

My husband and I were at our wits end with exhaustion before we met Shari Mezrah. We live in Virginia, and had a 5 week old, when my friend told me about a 'sleep coach' who lives in Tampa, Florida. I was skeptical, as I could not understand how anyone could help us help our infant sleep who lived in a different state!! After the first time I spoke to Shari by phone all my anxieties about distance disappeared. She immediately gave us hope. The Baby Sleeps Tonight plan gave us a schedule to follow.  By the time our daughter was nine weeks old she was sleeping eight hours.  This plan turned our lives around and we were rested and enjoying our newborn.  No doubt, it helped us enjoy and make the most out of a time period where most parents are begging for more sleep!

Virginia Jones, Psy.D.

Shari Mezrah’s plan of creating predictability gives balance and helps to lessen postpartum-related issues, thus ensuring a happy and healthy mother and baby.

Jill Hechtman, MD, FACOG

As a pediatrician, over the years I have referred desperate parents to Shari for help. The results spoke for themselves: happier families that are functioning because of restful sleep. Shari's approach and techniques are a combination of detailed structure (what parents want), compassion, and empowerment. Families can now regain control and really enjoy what’s most important. I recommend highly to all new parents!

Patrick C. Yee, MD
Pediatric Healthcare Alliance

Shari’s revolutionary new plan not only helps new moms get their babies on schedule, but also fosters a healthy attachment between mother and baby. I would highly recommend this plan to all new and expectant parents.

Carrie A. Cohen
Clinical Psychotherapist, Registered Play Therapist

This program is NOT just about sleep. It’s about getting your life back and taking control. Other than the fact that your child WILL sleep after this program, it allows you to be able to foreshadow and plan ahead. We can honestly say to any expectant parent or anyone out there having sleep difficulties, this is the plan for you. The program is foolproof and Shari is an angel.

Beth Eiglarsh and Mark Eiglarsh
Featured Legal Analyst on HLN and Fox News Channel's "The O’Reilly Factor"

As a working professional and a mom, I found The Baby Sleeps Tonight plan to be a lifesaver! My schedule is so busy that I really don't know how I would have survived without it. Shari's positive and uplifting approach was so helpful. I truly believe that every new parent will benefit from using this plan.

Julie Carruthers
Executive Producer of "All My Children"

Shari was instrumental in getting our 2 year old to sleep. She helped us make the transition from a crib to a big girl bed. Since then we have received lots of hugs and "thank you for my big girl bed" from our daughter. That night she slept in her bed and she has slept in it ever since. A million thanks to you for your help!

Jody and Rich S.
Falls Church, Virginia

Before becoming a mom my biggest fear was anything that would interrupt my sleep. I was known in my circle of friends as the President of the "Sleep Club." After the birth of my son, Charlie, my role in the "Sleep Club" vanished instantly - until I met Shari Mezrah, the next closest thing to God in a parent's world. As a new mom, I had no idea how to get my very awake and alert baby on any type of schedule. Shari and I spoke every morning for 2 weeks and by 9 1/2 weeks my son was sleeping through the night. Shari was so patient and more specific and helpful than any book or pediatrician. She was always available to talk to my husband or myself. Shortly after, Shari helped us to get Charlie on a consistent nap schedule and to this day, at almost 1 year old he is on schedule and is such a happy baby because of it. I have recommended Shari to all of my friends. I will definitely use Shari for my next baby.

Jennifer Oppenheimer
Chicago, Illinois

I’ve actually been sitting at my desk since 8:35 PM today. Right now I’m listening to nothing but the sounds of my keyboard clicking. It’s wonderful how much work I’ve gotten done this week—since day 1 of your program!  Today is day 4 that my 3 year old daughter has put herself to sleep. Each night I have to go in to “check on her” less and less.  Tonight it was only twice that I went in, and the second time she didn’t even call for me. I only went in because I told her I’d be back in 5 minutes. I didn’t say that when I left the second time though. Shari, thank you SO much for all of your advice, support and understanding. You have truly saved my mental state of mind.  I can get paper work done after I leave her room and I’m finally getting to bed at a normal hour!  I often hear people say they wish they had more time in the day to get things done.  Well, you have given me more time and that’s a very big deal for me! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything Shari!
P.S. I have to add that Elisabeth never cried once when we started this program. She was so happy with all of the changes. And now bedtime is fun and stress-free for both of us.

Marie Boutain
Tampa, Florida

I thought that when Max was born that there would be a period of adjustment for us then everything would fall into place-boy was I wrong! I would feed him whenever I thought he was hungry, and when he would cry at night, sometimes every hour-he just snacked, because of me. We got no sleep, and had no routine for him or us. I read all the books, and listened to everyone's advice until I thought that my head would explode! At our wit's end-we sat down with Shari when Max was five weeks old, and threw away the books and listened to no one but her. She put Max on an evolving schedule based on his age, weight, personality, habits, and our habits, as a couple (the first sit-down with her is very in-depth and covers the plan). Over the past four weeks she has been our cheerleader, helping me through the hard work with patience and positivity-she has been a Godsend. Max is now nine weeks, weighs a healthy 14 pounds, breastfeeds every four hours, and has been sleeping for eight hours the past two nights! He seems so much happier now-if he wakes early from his nap, he just waits to feed. We now take him out to lunch and out to dinner with us, and people comment on how good he is-we now have our lives back, and now we are really enjoying our Son. Our experience with Shari has been amazing-I only wish that I had met with her before Max was born! I am a true believer-we have our lives and our sanity back because of Shari's help, and that has made us better, happier parents.

Liz and Adam Palmer
Tampa, Florida

Shari, you truly saved us. Jack adapted to your suggested schedule immediately and still sticks to it to this day. I honestly don't know what we would have done without you. All the books regarding sleep schedules were so confusing. You made sense and gave us so much guidance. You also gave me (a new mommy) so much confidence. Thank you for being the answer to our "sleep-through-the-night" prayers!

Ali Garrity
Tampa, Florida